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ABL Investment - Stretch Forming Capability

ABL have invested in new up to date technology incorporating a fully controlled 2 axis forming machine that is capable of 8 axis forming-four axis on the base of the machine and two on each side.

ABL Receives Top Supplier Award

The award given by Control Techniques (CT) recognises ABL as one of their top 5 suppliers. ABL achieved 100% on time delivery and a quality reject rate score of less than 100 ppm.

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ABL Aluminium Components

ABL Aluminium Components specialises in the supply of aluminium profiles, components and assemblies manufactured from aluminium extrusions. The company is based in Birmingham and adopts a “one-stop shop” approach with all fabrication, finishing and anodising processes based in-house under one roof. The company has its own powder coating and anodising facilities offering a range of finishes. Logistic Support including bespoke and tailored aluminium extrusion profiles, packing and logistics services are available to give our customers a complete service.

Heatsinks Supplier

ABL Aluminium Components is also a supplier of a range of heatsink products produced from our extensive stock of aluminium extrusions and extruded profiles. ABL stocks a wide range of heatsinks including new ranges of high power heatsinks, BGA heatsinks, board mount heatsinks and many new extruded aluminium heatsink profiles.

Aluminium Extrusions - machining, finishing and assembly

Having all its facilities and processes under one roof allows ABL to tightly control its aluminium extrusions component machining, finishing and assembly operations which in turn allows the company to offer high quality and short lead times. The quality department uses up to date measuring equipment including CMM technology and also offers APQP quality tools to control quality and support its customers.

Architectural Aluminium

With its proven design and high performance qualities, ABL Architectural decking and flooring is widely recognised as a definitive architectural solution for a multitude of applications. These include: Staircases, Bridge Decking, Walkways, Balconies and Flooring.
The system is precision engineered in lightweight aluminium with a modular connection system requiring no welding for assembly. We offer a variety of load bearing profiles that can be purchased in standard lengths or bespoke cut-to-size lengths. ABL Architectural decking combines the functional possibilities of extrusion technology with the outstanding material properties of anodised aluminium. These qualities ensure that the decking is aesthetically pleasing and robust whilst offering ease of installation and a strong adherence to UK and European safety and construction regulations.

Surface Treatment - Anodising for Preparation and Protection

Anodising can substantially increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and anodised parts provide better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal. ABL Aluminium Components has the capacity to anodise components produced from aluminium extrusions and ranging from 10 mm to 2.7 metres in shades of gold, silver, natural and black.

Anodising can be performed on parts you supply or as one of the added processes applied to aluminium extrusions and components we manufacture for you.