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With over 50,000 sq ft of space and a dedicated 12,000 sq ft warehouse, ABL has the capacity to hold finished and raw materials for customers, thereby reducing time and working capital needed in the supply chain.

We often enter into consignment stock arrangements where we hold long length and finished aluminium profiles which have been designed specifically for our customers.

ABL’s spacious warehouse, with easy access for large capacity trailers, also offers the ability to manage metal on behalf of customers, on a free-issue basis.

Our Storage for Aluminium Extrusions and Component Assemblies

Delivery despatch
Delivery despatch
Safe, Dry Storage

ABL Components has its own warehousing and storage ensuring all materials are stored within a secure and dry environment. The Warehouse is protected by 24 hour monitored CCTV System. To us keeping Aluminium dry is very important as most of the products that we produce are for the High End architectural Market, and therefore the base material must be of the best quality, and in prime condition.

You can also be assured that we handle your material with all the same care and attention as our own and have all the handling equipment required to manage 40ft trailers and have extensive import and export experience.

space, capacity and competence

ABL is here to support your aluminium extrusion storage needs

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