Sourcing Flexibility

Mill contacts around the world

A major benefit of ABL sourcing hundreds of tonnes of aluminium extrusion means that we have the experience and contacts of dealing with aluminium extrusion mills based all around the world.

Many of these have specific technical capabilities for certain types of extrusion needs and so we can build on our many years of dealing with these mills to ensure we align your bespoke aluminium extrusion profile requirements with the best raw material supplying mill.

cost effective supply chain management

ABL has the capabilities and procurement strategy to offer you the very best value service in the UK

Cost Reduction

ABL is able to source material to ensure you get the very best value component price.


  • As we are independent, we are able to source extrusion from around the world, this ensures that we secure the Extrusion at the most competitive cost without compromising quality, and enables us to deliver your components to you at a rate that keeps you competitive.
  • When appropriate we are able to blend our raw material purchase prices, again enabling us to have competitive pricing whilst optimising our supply chain from the UK, Europe & Asia.
Sourcing logistics 1 980x366
Sourcing logistics 1 980x366
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Warehouse 980x366
Abl sourcing flexibility