ABL Aluminium Decking Solves a Unique Development Dilemma!

partnering with leading European manufacturers

Working with a long established developer to supply exceptional extruded aluminium decking to strict architectural standards.

Property developer Rod Palfrey (Blue and Co Ltd) was undertaking the construction of 2 adjoining properties at Heron Lodge in Worcester.

The grounds contained the former hunting lodge which was nearing completion of its restorations, but the 2 new properties were located at the edge of site with a steeply sloping rear garden. The solution was for an upside down layout with the bedrooms on the ground floor and living rooms upstairs, with a neat solution to access the high level rear garden was to incorporate a “bridge” for each property from the kitchen to the garden.

ABL Aluminium Decking provided a number of positive features:

  • strength to carry the load with a minimum of structural steel
  • an easy to clean and safe walking surface coupled with a modern look
  • plus, with holes in the surface, light could pass through the deck so as not to cover the ground floor windows in darkness.

Rod had previous experience of using the ABL decking on another commercial project and immediately thought of its suitability when undertaking this development. ABL Aluminium Architecture look forward to working on other projects with Rod again in the future! Email Rod Palfrey or call 01905 767800.

Working with ABL’s one-stop-shop provides the following benefits:

  • dealing with a single supply source experienced design advice and engineering assistance
  • on time delivery
  • quality products
  • logistics and delivery direct to customer’s nominated site.

ABL partners with leading European manufacturers to bring certified anti-slip flooring products to the UK and Irish markets. These products have been installed in a wide range of prestige locations. ABL ensure a consistent and reliable source that delivers high quality, on-time architectural aluminium planks, steps and fixing accessories.

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