Aluminium Extrusion Sourcing

A major benefit of ABL sourcing hundreds of tonnes of aluminium extrusion means that we have the experience and contacts of dealing with aluminium extrusion mills based all around the world. Many of these have specific technical capabilities for certain types of extrusion needs and so we can build on our many years of dealing with these mills to ensure we align your bespoke aluminium extrusion profile requirements with the best raw material supplying mill.

Sourcing your Aluminium Extrusions through ABL, you benefit from

Cost Reduction

ABL is able to source material to ensure you get the very best value component price.

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  • As we are independent, we are able to source extrusion from around the world, this ensures that we secure the Extrusion at the most competitive cost without compromising quality, and enables us to deliver your components to you at a rate that keeps you competitive.

  • When appropriate we are able to blend our raw material purchase prices, again enabling us to have competitive pricing whilst optimising our supply chain from UK, Europe & Asia.

Short Lead Times

ABL’s raw material local / global purchasing strategy is that your prototypes can be produced in a short lead time, vital for your development process.

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  • A local Supplier to assist you in Managing you prototyping Projects with controlled lead times, enabling you to take it through to production.
  • Fast lead times from ABL means that we can easily support rapid implementation of design modifications without the cost of having a great deal of WIP or material tied up in the supply chain based on old designs

Modern machinery

Investment in modern, efficient machinery for highly repeatable quality for both low and high volume production.

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  • More Manageable minimum quantities from a UK source.
  • Continual Investment into our production Machinery enables us and in turn you to stay ahead of our competitors by controlling costs.
We source many hundreds of tonnes of aluminium extrusion and can also provide added-value services to customer’s own raw material (on a free issue basis). This means that we can also be used as an ‘insurance policy’ by customers where they cannot be certain that their own direct supply from the Far East will always be 100% on time or to the required quality.

Are you looking for the most cost effective and well managed supply chain for your aluminium in the UK?

All in all, ABL has the capabilities and procurement strategy to offer you the very best value service around.