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ABL Aluminium Decking Solves a Unique Development Dilemma!

A steeply sloping rear garden required a unique solution.

The use of Aluminium Decking in Sports Stadium Construction

Aluminium steps for the gangways at West Ham United’s ground, The London Stadium (the former 2012 Olympic athletics venue).



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Aluminium Extrusion Design

ABL frequently helps its customers design aluminium extrusions and by getting involved in the early stages of product design we can help ensure the optimal combination of alloy, profile design and downstream machining and finishing activities. This “holistic”approach will help deliver the most cost effective design as opposed to designing an extrusion in isolation and then looking at cnc machining for instance, assembly and finishing as afterthoughts.

Cost savings
Aluminium extrusion is an extremely flexible material providing many advantages. It can be designed to incorporate many features which minimise the need for un-necessary, downstream manufacturing processes. This saving in cost can be enhanced further by designing an aluminium section with the minimum appropriate wall thickness to reduce weight.

ABL works in many different market sectors and specialises in combining the most appropriate extrusion design, machining processes and finishing to deliver high quality components and assemblies at competitive prices.

Aluminium Extrusion Sourcing

ABL purchases many tonnes of aluminium every year from extrusion mills across the world and each of these has specific technical capabilities. Our years of dealing with these mills allows us to ensure that we match your aluminium extrusions requirements for design, quality, lead time and cost to the most appropriate source.

Flexible Sourcing
Although much of our extrusion is purchased in the UK and Europe, other customers with high volumes favour lower cost, Far Eastern mills. Therefore we can provide blended flexible supply sourcing, for example, prototypes and pre-production parts locally and bulk supply from further afield.

In many instances, ABL acts as a stockholder allowing us to buy aluminium extrusions in large, economic batch quantities, store the extrusion in our secure warehouse and deliver finished components to our customers in much smaller, regular ship quantities.

Aluminium Extrusion Fabrication

ABL Aluminium Components act as a “One-Stop Shop” for all fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium extrusions. The company invests significant sums to ensure its plant and equipment can produce high quality aluminium components at competitive rates. We also look to add processes to meet our customers’ varied needs, the latest being the addition of a state of the art cnc aluminium forming machine.

Processing facilities
Thses include saw cutting, brush and vibro de-bur, small and large component cnc machining up to 14m, press work, welding, mechanical assembly and adhesive bonding. We also offer in-house finishing facilities which include; polishing, anodising and powder coat. We believe we can offer the most extensive and varied range of aluminium processing services under one roof of any company in the UK.

ABL puts great emphasis on quality and is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Aluminium Extrusion Finishing & Assembly

ABL aluminium components has over 40 years of anodising experience and is one of very few companies in the UK that combine fabrication, powder coat and anodising on the same site.

We offer natural silver, black, gold and champagne finishes in a range of film thicknesses from AA3 to AA25. We can anodise components up to 2.7m in length and can meet the exacting quality standards set by customers in such varied sectors as automotive, cosmetic and medical industries.

Powder coat
This is the most widespread method of surface coating aluminium extrusion and provides an almost limitless choice of colours with excellent repeatability of colour matching. Principle benefits of powder coating are; no risk of running or blistering, consistent surface appearance (colour and texture), the ability to withstand knocks and abrasions combined with good UV and corrosion resistance.

ABL uses alocrom1200 as a pre-treatment and can handle components up to 6m.