Aluminium Extrusion

Our Support Starts at the Design Stage

We have assisted hundreds of customers with the design of their aluminium extrusion component products. By involving ABL at the very earliest stages of the design and engineering process we can assist with the choice of material and added-value processes to ensure the most cost-effective component is designed which completely meets your design and sales objectives.

Working with our aluminium component design team, you benefit from

Cost Reduction

Our expert and highly experienced aluminium design team ensure that you design cost out at the start

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  • Maximising the benefit of aluminium extrusion’s flexibility to build in features which reduce dowstream, secondary manufacturing processes
  • Optimising wall thickness to save weight and raw material costs
  • Selection of the right alloy to match finished strength and surface requirements while minimising material costs
  • Streamlining your component’s manfacturing process to match our operational flow, reduce costs and lead times

Short Lead Times

Supporting the design process we can produce prototypes rapidly to allow evaluation, testing and progression to full-scale manufacture.

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  • Rapid prototyping results in faster progression to mass production
  • Allows scale up manufacturing​
  • Reduces cost with in-house prototyping and testing
  • Allows fast response to market need

Continuous Improvement

Our integrated design and production process allows modification to focus on continuous product improvement both in specification and cost reduction.

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  • Rapid response to changing market needs
  • Improving specification to allow you to maintain market position
  • Designing out costs in production to reduce cost to market

Ready to explore how our design team can help you design out cost and improve your aluminium component performance?