Aluminium Extrusion Design Support Services

ABL specialises in the design, fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium extrusions and operates a one stop shop that will help you to save costs and improve lead time & quality. You can benefit from design for manufacture support, prototyping capabilities and low minimum order quantities, coupled with other 40 years in supplying a huge range of market sectors based in the UK and around the world.

Some of the capabilities we have under one roof include logistics support, assembly, CNC machining, sawing / cutting, deburring, anodizing, powder-coating, welding and delivery. We source many hundreds of tonnes of aluminium extrusion and can also provide added-value services to customer’s own raw material (on a free issue basis).

Support that starts at the design stage

We have assisted hundreds of customers with the design of their aluminium extrusion component products. By involving ABL at the very earliest stages of the design and engineering process we can assist with the choice of material and added-value processes to ensure the most cost-effective component is designed which completely meets your design and sales objectives.

Optimising wall thickness and choice of alloy

Aluminium extrusion is an extremely flexible material which can be designed to build in many features which eliminate the need for more expensive downstream, secondary manufacturing processes. We have decades of experience within our design team in working with aluminium extrusion and we have saved customers a great deal of money by using our expertise to support the design process. Two examples of this are, firstly, the choice of wall thickness which, when specified correctly can assist in reducing weight and cost of the aluminium raw material. Secondly, the choice of aluminium alloy is critical to match the requirements of the finished component whilst balancing the strength of the alloy and the surface finish of the product – the wrong choice of alloy can result in an expensive over-specified product or one which does not meet the strength or surface needs of the final product.

Reducing costs

Our investment in modern, efficient machinery will bring you highly repeatable quality products whilst our special purpose machines will produce your high volume components. With our experience in fabricating and machining aluminium extrusion components, aligned with our in-house capability of providing surface treatment via anodizing or powder coating, we can assist you in designing a component that maximizes the advantages of our equipment and, therefore, will reduce the costs associated with fabrication and assembly.

Short lead time prototypes

ABL can also support the design process further as your prototypes can be produced with a short lead time. Our experience also stretches to creating dedicated equipment uniquely geared towards producing high volume components.

Mature product modifications

Our support doesn’t stop with the initial design process because we have many examples where we have worked with customers to assist in designing modifications to meet new market needs and to ensure that their product continually is improved and positioned to lead their respective market sectors.

So all in all, please exploit our capabilities and experience to help design the most cost effective component that perfectly matches your design brief and fulfil sales and marketing objectives. Contact us to see how ABL can assist you with designing new aluminium extrusion components.