Aluminium Extrusion Processing Overview

ABL has continued to invest in modern equipment because we know that it is a false economy not to do so. Most of our equipment is duplicated so that, should there be an issue on one piece of equipment, work can quickly be transferred to another machine. This gives customers the confidence that on time delivery – a KPI we take very seriously – will not be affected.

Repeatable quality and reliable high volumes

Our investment in modern, efficient machinery provides highly repeatable quality products whilst our special purpose machines will manufacture high volume components. Prototypes can be produced with a short lead time and we can assist with rapid implementation of design modifications.

Dedicated team regularly maintains all machinery

Ultimately, our modern equipment results in our ability to provide and guarantee reliable and repeatable processes, allowing you to be confident that you will receive the right product to the agreed quality. We have a dedicated production team who maintain every piece of equipment. This means that companies can be confident that in moving work to ABL, they are not vulnerable to machine failure with the resultant delivery and quality problems which can result from this.

Machinery flexibility and special purpose machines

Modern equipment is highly flexible which allows ABL to produce nearly all the added-value services which aluminium extrusion components require, all produced from under one roof. We have extensive experience in designing and developing special purpose machines and fixturing which can be used to cost-effectively produce prototypes. This experience stretches to also creating dedicated equipment uniquely geared towards producing high volume components – we would be pleased to show you machines that have produced millions of components.

Keeping costs down with modern machinery

High investment in modern machinery reduces the labour content required to produce components – this helps keep costs down and allows ABL to provide aluminium extrusion components at prices which can compete with low cost economies.

All in all, ABL has the capabilities and equipment to offer you the very best value service around. Put very simply – allow us to let you concentrate on your core business activities and we’ll handle the ancillary activities for you!