ABL Aluminium Decking Solves a Unique Development Dilemma!

Property developer Rod Palfrey was undertaking the construction of 2 adjoining properties at Heron Lodge in Worcester. The grounds contained the former hunting lodge which was nearing completion of its restorations, but the 2 new properties were located at the edge of site with a steeply sloping rear garden.

Olympic Park & London Stadium Win With ABL Aluminium Decking

UK specialist fabricators – Darke Steel – have been working with ABL Architectural Aluminium to design, build and install aluminium steps for the gangways at West Ham United’s ground, The London Stadium (the former 2012 Olympic athletics venue).

Even Better Quality Standards

ABL has recently been awarded the latest ISO 9001 quality standard by independent assessor, NQA – one of the UK’s leading quality assurance accreditation bodies.

Originally published in 1987, ISO 9001 underwent revisions in 1994, 2000 and again in 2008. The latest revision was published in September 2015 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an agency composed of the national standards bodies of more than 160 countries.

Aluminium Within Architecture - What Are the Benefits?

Have you ever considered what your walkway, bridge, deck, or steps are constructed from? The most common answer is, of course, aluminium and it will most likely be an aluminium extrusion section or profile. In fact, due to its versatility, aluminium is a staple material within architectural applications. The growth of aluminium walkway systems in lots of different applications (i.e. food processing plants, petrochemical plants, theatrical studios, hospitals, shopping centres, sports arenas and power generation plant) is...

New Component Enquiry Showcases ABL’s One Stop Shop

A new client approached ABL with some initial machined extrusion designs for feasibility and costing. The designs for railway carriage interior components were reviewed by ABL and some design changes were recommended to create a more cost effective solution. This included reducing the originally extensive amount of machining along the profile, and instead bonding in brackets where necessary. The customer welcomed the proposed changes and the component assembly was signed off.

ABL YouTube Channel

New YouTube Channel and Video Gallery for ABL

ABL have created a set of ten new videos displaying various aspects of their production. The videos cover areas such as machining, fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium extrusions. Visit our YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1HE9p4QZeZbt3LecFtTlnw. The videos are also available to view in our website by going to the new Video Gallery page.

ABL Sealing The Future

sealing bonding capability

ABL has invested in new technology sealing and bonding equipment, enabling the company to provide an enhanced service to customers requiring tightly controlled sealing capability for their products.

The new application equipment was introduced to meet the requirements of the lighting sector to provide an IP rated(free from water ingress) sealed unit. In this specific project, ABL is using its skilled welding cell to weld an extruded component body with two capping end plates.

The pressure regulated and high speed sealing applicator then enables the ABL assembly cell to 100% seal the unit ready for the next stage of photometric kitting.

Commenting on the new investment, Stephen Richardson (MD) stated: "this is a further example of ABL meeting the exacting demands from different market sectors. In this case our customer is seeking a sealed unit produced via a controlled and quality assured process. We are able to reduce takt times and minimise costs to manufacture thousands of these attractive and highly certified lights"

Please contact us today with any enquiries you have.​

Telephone: 0121 789 86 86​

ABL Investment - Stretch Forming Capability

ABL have invested in new up to date technology incorporating a fully controlled 2 axis forming machine that is capable of 8
axis forming-four axis on the base of the machine and two on each side.

Stretch forming of aluminium is the most accurate, repeatable and quickest of the forming processes. There are a numberstretching forming machine
of benefits to this process, in particular greater control of accuracy achieving closer tolerance than that of the other forming

Stretch forming can be applied to a wide range of sections making the process very flexible to a wide range of applications
and industries. It is an ideal solution even for small to medium size batch quantities and can be cost effective on a
"one off contract" such as a new architectural project or construction build.​

Parts are predominately produced in pairs in one single forming operation so ideal for symmetrical parts made from the
same section which in turn reduces cost.​

Please contact us today with any enquiries you have.​

Telephone: 0121 789 86 86​

ABL Receives Top Supplier Award

Abl receives top supplier award

​Control Techniques (CT), part of Emerson Industrial Automation, is a world leader in the manufacture of AC, servo and DC variable speed drives, motors and automation solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

CT launched a supplier recognition award scheme a year ago and ABL is pleased to announce that it has been judged as one of CT's Top 5 Suppliers in 2014/15. ABL supplies a large range of bespoke, high power heatsinks to CT and the award recognised exceptional performance in the areas of Quality, Delivery, Commercial Relationship and Collaboration. To qualify for the award shortlist, suppliers needed to achieve a minimum on-time performance of 98% and a quality reject rate of less than 1,000 ppm. ABL was the only supplier to achieve 100% on time delivery and achieved a quality score of less than 100 ppm.​

The awards were presented at CT's Annual Supplier Conference in November 2015 and Stephen Richardson of ABL is pictured receiving the award from CT's President, Scott Anderson and Rhiddian Wilson, VP Global Operations and Supply Chain.​

ABL Adds Stretch Forming Capability

ABL is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new stretch forming machine.

This is a major investment for us and we will be pleased to quote on any requirements you may have.

More details to follow but in the meantime please contact us for more information.

Telephone: 0121 789 8686

Email: sales@ablcomponents.co.uk

Luke Burton – Pink Ribbon Foundation

Luke Burton creation

ABL caught up with local sculptor Luke Burton after his charity event had taken place in July of this year.

Luke Burton Pink Ribbon award

The event was held solely in aid of raising money for The Pink Ribbon Foundation – a charity close to Luke’s heart. ABL supplied Luke with the aluminium used to create the pieces that were up for auction. Luke informs us that each of his pieces has a meaning behind them and they are a reflection of his personality.

The event was held at The Mandarin Hotel in London. Luke says there was a great turn out of guests - including some famous faces! There were 6 pieces on display at the event for guests to enjoy, including Luke’s newest piece – The Venom of Love.

All in all, Luke states the event was a success and lots of money was raised for a good cause. ABL were honoured to be a part of this event and to be associated with the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

ABL continues to support a local secondary school, Wobulenzi Town Academy (WTA) in Uganda

ABL continues to support a local secondary school, Wobulenzi Town Academy (WTA) in Uganda and have done now for several years. For just £125 per week, ABL provides Sunday lunch for around 600 pupils and staff. The pupils organise their own Sunday church service and lunch after, including meat and fruit which are both luxuries, is seen as a real treat.

Stephen Richardson, ABL’s Managing Director has visited WTA several times to support the development of the school and surrounding facilities, including a guesthouse, medical centre and “The Bridge”.Wobulenzi Town Academy classroom

“The Bridge” is a unique concept in African education and, as the name suggests, aims to “bridge the gap” between primary and secondary school. Primary education in Uganda is free but is of very variable and often poor quality. However, to go to secondary school children have to pass entrance exams in English which is not their primary language. Wobulenzi Town Academy lessonAs a result, many able children fail to go to secondary school because their primary education was not good enough to get them through the exams. The aim of The Bridge is to assist local primary schools and their children by giving concentrated lessons in English and maths in classes of just 30 compared to a typical norm’ of 100 pupils per class. ABL funds the running costs of the Bridge including the salaries of three teaching staff and the facility is currently used by 7 or 8 local primary schools which have a combined population of over 2500 children.

A secondary benefit of the Bridge is that it is used as a “drop in centre” for hundreds of smaller pre-school children outside school hours. After 3pm in the week and all weekend it is open for children to read its books and play with its toys such as lego which is a great pleasure to watch. Such resources, which we take for granted, are just not available to these children and the pleasure and educational benefit they provide is huge.

Such has been the success of the first Bridge, we are currently looking at building and staffing a second one in a neighbouring village about 5 miles from Wobulenzi. If all goes to plan this will be open before the end of 2015.

To donate, and help provide a brighter future for an orphan in Uganda today, please visit http://www.servedirect.org


ABL Supply Luke Burton with Additional Aluminium to Support Charity Event

Composure sculpture

ABL recently caught up with local sculptor Luke Burton who informed us of some of his upcoming work. ABL previously supplied Luke with some recycled aluminium for him to craft into large sculptures using his own unique techniques. From ABL’s metal he created pieces “Believe” and “Beyond all Limits” in association with the 2012 Olympics and Help for Heroes charity.

Luke's “Beyond all Limits” sculpture is on permanent display at the Birmingham NEC. He also has another one of his pieces “A Work of Heart” on display at well-known restaurant Le Monde in Brindley Palace Birmingham for visitors to enjoy. In the past he has also had his work on display at Marco Pierre Whites. ABL have supplied Luke with additional aluminium to support an upcoming charity event close to his heart, to take place in 2015.

His most recent piece “Composure” is a larger than life-size sculpture of a woman weighing approximately 200-300kgs. The piece is to be revealed and auctioned off at the event. Luke states “I want to address the issue and the importance of the charity; it can affect any one of us”. ABL are honoured to supply the metal to Luke in the support of a fantastic charity.

More details of the 2015 charity event will be revealed in the New Year.

You can visit Lukes website on http://www.lukeburtonsculptor.com/


ABL Heatsinks Join Electrolube at Electronica 2014 in Munich, Germany, November 11-14

Electronica 2014electronica stand

Electro-chemicals specialist, Electrolube is joined by ABL Heatsinks on their exhibition stands at Electronica this year. Electrolube are launching advanced new coating, heat transfer and thermal management products and ABL have supplied the heatsinks to demonstrate and display how effective the new products are.

Visitors to Electronica 2014 (Munich, Germany, November 11-14) will find the Electrolube and ABL Heatsinks in Halls A6 (Stand 131) and B1 (Stand 548).


This year, Hall A6 is dedicated to the automotive industry sector and here Electrolube will be presenting its conformal coatings, resins and contact lubricant products and examples of its application process expertise.

Hall B1 hosts sensors, micro- and nano-systems, MEMS technologies and electromechanical/system peripherals; here Electrolube will demonstrate its extensive capabilities in thermal management.

Based in Birmingham, ABL has been a supplier of heat sinks to the electronics industry since its formation in 1975 and now offers one of the UK's most comprehensive ranges of heat sinks. ABL is at the forefront in the design and manufacture of heat sinks and now supplies, from stock, many of the electronics industry's most widely specified components from its modern facilities. ABL continues to be recognised as a leading supplier of heat sinks across the globe, gaining in recognition as an expert in the field of heat sinks and thermal dissipation technology.


ABL to help sculptor Luke Burton in local charity project

Sculpture beyond all means     
Sculpture beyond all limits

"Believe" - Beyond all means.
Unveiled by Nick Owen.


"Beyond All Limits"
Unveiled and on display at NEC.

ABL is pleased to announce it will be assisting Luke Burton in his next charity project by supplying him with aluminium that is going to be crafted into a large scale sculpture.

Luke Burton was born and raised in Solihull, where he still lives and works, and his creative career took off when he was 15, the age he sold his first sculpture to a private buyer. He has been producing sculptures ever since for private sale.

His latest two sculptures were presented at auction for "Help the Hero's". These are also the first two pieces of work which Luke had made available for public viewing.

Both these sculptures had the Olympics in mind. The sculptures titled "Believe" and "Beyond all limits" were inspired by people that go beyond all means to achieve their goals.

Both these pieces have been made using Luke's own unique technique and utilising recyclable aluminium.

Now Luke is commissioning a new sculpture using aluminium supplied by ABL, this sculpture is being created for charity - details of which will follow soon.

We will keep you updated on Luke's progress and charity details in due course so watch this space.

You can follow Luke on twitter @LBSculptor



bga heatsink

New Range of BGA Heatsinks Launched

ABL has recently launched a brand new suite of BGA heatsinks to complement its comprehensive product range. ABL has over 35 years experience in supplying the heatsink market with a range of different products - from simple board mounted heatsinks to some of the best high dissipation heatsinks in the world.



ABL Invests in a new Double Mitre Saw.

ABL Components has invested in a new double mitre saw to add to our already extensive range of machines and equipment. The universal pivoting and tilting of both saw heads allows cutting of high and wide profiles. The well proven principle of "Sawing from below" enables optimum loading and unloading of profiles.


aluminium anodising

ABL has invested substantially in its automated anodising facilities

Increased anodising capacity and anodising capability has been created as a result of this activity.
Remember that ABL is able to anodise a full range of components or parts - from 10mm long to 2.7 metres. We offer anodising in natural / silver (AA) grades, as well as black anodising and gold anodising.
We are happy to offer this service on customer‘s own parts (free issue) or to also anodise components where customers ask us to source the raw material as well.
Click here for more information about ABL‘s anodising capability. Click here to contact us about anodising.




ABL has increased the capability of the Mecal and can now machine aluminium extrusions up to 14,000mm long!!
ABL designs its own tools to ensure excellent quality components are produced to tight tolerances from aluminium extrusions, castings or sheet. This ensures that we keep set-up prices as low as possible which is particularly important for new products or projects, low quantity parts and product development or prototyping.


eskimo designer radiators

Designer Radiators

ABL also manufactures products for Eskimo Radiators; the UK‘s leading supplier of designer radiators.
Eskimo are radiator designers whose mission is to save the world from the ugliness and impracticality of other people‘s radiators. They create bespoke, contemporary heating to suit any modern or eclectic interior. Offering both gas and electric models, they sketch convection currents and infra-red waves as often as they sketch the physical lines of a new design, brimming with beauty.

ABL Buys Sunday Lunch

 Following two recent visits by Managing Director, Stephen Richardson, ABL is now helping to support Wobulenzi Town Academy (WTA), a secondary school in Uganda. The school was set up about 7 years ago as a refuge for children fleeing the war in Northern Uganda between the Government of President Museveni and a rebel group called, inappropriately, the Lords Resistance Army or "LRA".  The LRA abducted as many as, an un-believable, 20,000 children and forced them to become child soldiers, some of these children that survived or escaped are now pupils at the school.Stephen Richardson serving lunch to students

The school has been completely re-built by a charity called, Serve Direct, and aims to provide quality education and nutrition at an affordable price.  There is virtually no state funded secondary education in Uganda and as a result, most children cannot afford to go to school.  In our terms school fees are very cheap, about £50 per year for a day scholar and £110 per year for a boarder, but these prices are totally un-affordable for most Ugandans. Getting an education gives the children a real chance to improve their lives and the lives of their families so attending school is seen as a real privilege.

On his last visit, Stephen was shocked at the repetitive and boring nature of the school diet, a very dry maize porridge called posho and beans, rather like kidney beans, for every meal.  Yes, every meal twice a day for seven days a week.  But this diet is the cheapest way to fill up 600 hungry teenagers.  Following a discussion with the Headmaster, Charles Opio, it was agreed that it would be a good idea to offer a more interesting Sunday lunch, including meat!, after the school's weekly church service.  Uganda is a very Christian country and this service is attended by virtually all the students.

So since April, Sunday lunch has been funded by ABL, it is amazing that £125 per week will provide lunch for around 600 people and makes Sunday a really special day.Stephen Richardson serving lunch to hungry students at WTA

Following on from this initiative and in an attempt to reduce food costs for the school in a sustainable way, ABL is now looking at funding a grain store so that maize can be bought at harvest time when the prices are lower and a maize mill so the children can mill their own flour.

We will keep you posted.

If you want to learn more about Wobulenzi Town Academy, please visit the Serve Direct website at