Why Specify Architectural Aluminium Flooring for Decking, Stairs, Walkways and Balconies?

The growth of aluminium flooring systems in hospitals, shopping centres, sports arenas,

Architectural Aluminium

Architectural aluminium in walkways, stairs and overhangs

food processing plants, petrochemical plants, theatrical studios, and power generation plant is to be expected given the advantages listed below.

The advantages of aluminium extrusion in the use of architectural applications include:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Aesthetically pleasing (improved by anodising)
  • Easily worked
  • Maintenance free
  • Non toxic
  • Non combustible
  • Corrosion free

The aluminium flooring can be supplied ready to install and is suitable for a wide range of applications notably for stairs, bridge decking, walkways and balconies. There is a large range of sizes and load bearing profiles available in standard lengths or bespoke cut-to-size lengths. Non-Slip ridges or drainage holes are machined into the aluminium flooring meaning the decking adheres to tight safety regulations. This also ensures effective drainage reducing surface water, which, in turn, aids longevity. Architectural aluminium flooring combines the functional possibilities of extrusion technology with the outstanding material properties of anodised aluminium. These qualities ensure that the product offers an attractive and modern aesthetic whilst strongly adhering to UK health and safety regulations.

Architectural Aluminium Walkway

Architectural Aluminium Walkway

Architects and Civil Engineering Designers are naturally specifying materials that are light, strong and corrosion resistant which by default includes aluminium that is approximately two thirds lighter than steel and offers longer life than wood. The materials have to meet the ever exacting environmental, manufacturing, aesthetic and reduced maintenance challenges of the 21st century. Aluminium flooring saves money over time due to its longevity and the non-diminishing cash value of scrap aluminium. Aluminium can be extruded into sections that require the minimum of processing to finish and result in modular systems that are easy to assemble.

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium extrusion decking or planking is an option for both commercial builders and home owners that is naturally waterproof. It will not warp, splinter, crack, rot or swell like timber or composite decks and is designed for easy installation.

Aluminium decking is a low maintenance option that can be cleaned with soap and water without the need for constant upkeep of paint, stain or oil. The slip resistant, durable decking surface is designed for safety and security with a raised punched, ribbed or serrated surface texture that is long lasting. Smooth and designer surfaces are also available.

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