Aluminium and Aluminium Extrusions in Medical Applications

Designers and manufacturers of medical instruments, equipment and devices today look for materials that are non-toxic, light but strong, inexpensive and able to accept many types of finish.

An obvious choice for designers of medical equipment is aluminium with its unique properties, making it a natural partner for the medical industry. Its use has grown over many years thanks to its ductility, strength, durability, and lightness. When used for medical applications, aluminium offers the designer the optimum design flexibility.

Walking Frameswalking-frame

A popular use of aluminium extrusions in a medical application is walking frames both wheeled and non-wheeled. Manufactured from high tensile extruded aluminium, these walking frames are both lightweight and strong. They are often height adjustable and can be polished or painted and optionally folded for storage and transportation. Extruded aluminium is a favourite amongst designers who find the structural capacities and flexibility to be a compelling choice.

 Aluminium Mobile Hoists

disabled hoistAluminium properties make it the ideal choice for mobile hoist manufacturers. Aluminium hoists are versatile, manoeuvrable and light whilst providing the strength and durability required for this type of product. The weight saving over steel is a huge benefit when hoisting and moving people around and there is no loss of strength. Some of the sections can be extruded, formed and incorporate assembly aids resulting in reduced cost of assembly.

When not in use the hoist can be folded and stored by one person.

Environmental and Cost Advantage

In the production, manufacturing and processing of aluminium, all production scrap can be recovered and recycled without degradation. So, with its low-cost recyclability, high rate of scrap recovery and the relative abundance of its ore, designers recognise that aluminium is a highly economical and environmentally sustainable material.

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