New Component Enquiry Showcases ABL’s One Stop Shop

A new client approached ABL with some initial machined extrusion designs for feasibility and costing. The designs for railway carriage interior components were reviewed by ABL and some design changes were recommended to create a more cost effective solution. This included reducing the originally extensive amount of machining along the profile, and instead bonding in brackets where necessary. The customer welcomed the proposed changes and the component assembly was signed off.railway carriage interior components

Ongoing development revealed many variants would be required to fit around all combinations of windows, luggage racks, lights and windows in both first and second class carriages.

ABL was able to co-ordinate all varieties of parts with minimal setups and included the buying in and assembly of fixings.

The finished component assembly included a mixture of non-visible functional parts, high surface finish quality and visible powder-coated parts.

The parts were produced, labelled, wrapped and boxed up and delivered to the customer on schedule.

ABL Aluminium Components One Stop Shop

Working with ABL’s one-stop-shop provides cost-saving opportunities including dealing with a single supply source, experienced design advice, lead time, purchased items, packing, quality, engineering assistance, logistics and delivery direct to customer.

ABL’s capabilities, which are all based under one roof, allow companies to benefit from single fabrication stops, shorter lead times, reduced supply chain, reduced shipping costs and a single point of quality control avoiding the scenario where different sub-contractors disagree about where any defects have been caused or where any parts have been lost.

ABL’s one stop shop ensures a consistent and reliable source that delivers high quality, on-time extruded components and assemblies.

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