Aluminium in Domestic Applications

Designers in the domestic appliance industry are under pressure from demands for lower weight, corrosion resistant materials and manufacturing components in large quantities to high quality.aluminium-domestic-appliances

An obvious choice for designers of domestic appliances, cookware and utensils is aluminium with its unique properties, making it a natural choice for the domestic sector. Its use in domestic applications has grown over many years thanks to its ductility, strength, durability, and lightness. When used for domestic applications, aluminium offers the design engineer the optimum design flexibility.


Aluminium can be pressed, formed or fabricated from extrusions thus providing designers with a system that is both light and attractive whilst enabling manufacturers the flexibility of producing a range of extruded profiles and sections. In an industry associated with constant innovation and revamping, the versatility of aluminium extrusions not only provides efficient manufacturing, but also offers a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The aluminium extrusion process offers benefits other than weight savings. Features can be incorporated so that they enhance the structural strength of the assembly and multi-functional parts can be extruded that incorporate additional features to aid assembly.

Environmental and Cost Advantage

In the production, manufacturing and processing of aluminium, all production scrap can be recovered and recycled without degradation. So, with its low-cost recyclability, high rate of scrap recovery and the relative abundance of its ore, designers recognise that aluminium is a highly economical and environmentally sustainable material.

ABL Components

Aluminium extrusion manufacturers such as ABL Components Ltd are continually reviewing their processes and products to offer improved domestic appliance engineering solutions.

Subsequently operations such as drilling, milling, welding, anodising or powder coating are performed to complete the component production.

Their experience in this sector aligned with the capabilities and equipment they have in-house make ABL the ideal partner for all your needs in the domestic appliance market.

They have worked with many clients to provide tailored solutions to their requirements for aluminium extrusions and components in this sector.

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