Aluminium in Architectural Applications for 21st Century

Today’s Architects and Civil Engineering Designers demand materials that are light, strong and corrosion resistant. They have vision, creativity and seek the materials to meet the ever exacting structural, thermal, aesthetic and acoustic challenges of the 21st century.

An obvious choice for architecture is aluminium with its unique prarchitectural-aluminiumoperties, making it a natural partner for the building industry. Its use in building applications has grown over many years thanks to its strength, durability, corrosion resistance and lightness. When used for construction applications, aluminium offers the design engineer and architects the optimum design flexibility.

Recycled and Reutilised

Aluminium has become an essential product for the building industry also because of its ability to be recycled and reutilised. In the construction sector over 85% of aluminium is recovered – (95% of the aluminium in the old Wembley Stadium has been recycled). Without any deterioration in quality, the same or other equally high quality products can be made from recycled aluminium.

Using Aluminium in Construction, Building and Building Components

Aluminium extruded products are commonly used for windows, doors and conservatories and other glazed structures ranging from shop fronts to roofing, staircases, heating and air-conditioning systems, barriers, façade engineering, gates, interior design, kitchens, lighting, modular office pods and solar panels.

Aluminium extrusion is leading the way into the future of the construction industry with characteristics and properties as a building component that has led to revolutionary and innovative changes in building techniques and architectural and engineering projects.

The extrusion process, for example, allows an almost infinite range of hollow and solid profiles to be fabricated, combining a variety of design features to suit the end-use application. It doesn’t end there as the ability to Incorporate design profile features into extruded aluminium sections and components allows the designer to achieve complex shapes and fabricated components with a minimum of processing.

When combined with ABL’s ability to machine, weld, fabricate, anodise and finish the result is a product that can be part, near or completely finished to a customer’s specification.

ABL Components One Stop Shop

ABL Components have worked with many clients to provide tailored solutions to their requirement for aluminium extrusions in the architectural and building sector. ABL’s ability to offer a one stop shop solution provides a unique service for their customer base, located both in the UK and around the world.

Their experience in this sector, aligned with the capabilities and equipment they have in-house, make ABL the ideal partner for all your needs in the architectural market.

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