The Use of Aluminium Extrusions in Shop Fittings

Why Specify Aluminium Extrusions for Shop Fittings?

 Shop layout designers and shop fitting companies are constantly reviewing the materials they specify and use to ensure sales are maximised for their clients. The shop’s overall appearance and its relationship to sales success is a key feature in 21st century shopping. The design has to be effective, appealing and functional and shop fittings play an important role. They assist in displaying goods in a way that helps to increase customer appeal and hence sales.

The shop fittings must be high quality, durable and manoeuvrable whilst offering flexible display systems that can be adapted to suit various new and changing proaluminium shop fittingsduct lines.

Aluminium extrusions provide designers and fitters with a system that is both light and attractive whilst enabling manufacturers the flexibility of producing a range of extruded profiles and sections.

 In an industry associated with constant innovation and revamping, the versatility of aluminium extrusions not only improves the efficiency in installing various components, but offers a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

 Slat walling is a popular system that takes a variety of extruded aluminium inserts providing the base for prong and loop hooks, D rails, sloping arms, straight arms, shelf brackets, or other supports. The inserts can be anodised, powder coated or polished to suit the shop design.

 aluminium shop fittingsAluminium extrusions are used to provide many functional aspects of shop fitting but they are also used for aesthetic displays. The aluminium can be extruded into a profile that will not require additional parts and therefore cuts down on cost and manufacture time. Post extrusion machining can provide holes, slots, raised or indented shapes. Also surface treatment can enhance the aluminium extrusion with anodising, powder coating or polishing. Of course the extrusion can be combined with other components to provide illumination, mobile displays or a variety of depth and height to further enhance the display.

Combining the aluminium extrusion with LED lighting and extruded heatsink capability can provide some dramatic effects in the appropriate shop setting.

Extrusions in Shop Flooring
Extruded aluminium is not just for shop displays but also for various shop flooring duties. Stairs, walkways, platforms and trimming edges all with designed in fixing slots are available or if desired they can be machined to suit your requirements. They can be supplied in a large range of sizes and load bearing profiles which can be purchased in standard lengths or bespoke cut-to-size lengths.

The growth of aluminium in shop fittings is to be expected given the advantages listed below:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Easily worked
  • Can be extruded into a range of sections and profiles
  • Non toxic
  • Non combustible
  • Aesthetically pleasing (improved by anodising, powder coating or polishing)
  • Corrosion free

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