How Much Aluminium is there in Your Building?

extrusions in architecture

Extrusions in Architecture

Modern Buildings contain aluminium in some form or other, not just in their construction but also in the furniture, utensils and appliances. Most houses are built with brick but wander along your high street or city arcade and there you will find buildings clad in decorative aluminium and windows and doors made with aluminium extrusions or extruded aluminium profiles.

 Saving the Environment
In the past wood was commonly used in furniture for instance but the forest is the only source of wood. Nowadays the use of aluminium in furniture design is a sensible contribution towards the conservation of the existing forests.

 Weight Savings
Architects and designers seek materials that have a low impact on the environment but are also easy to manufacture, aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant. Modern shop and office door frames are made from aluminium extrusions with a considerable weight saving over wood. In single storey buildings that may not be a huge weight saving but imagine the weight saved when aluminium is used in skyscrapers.

Aluminium extrusion has the added advantage of a high strength to weight ratio, even higher than steel and its weight is only one third that of steel.

 Versatile Material
Aluminium is a technically versatile material allowing for a great variety of shapes and contours. For instance using aluminium extrusions for window and door frames allows the designer to provide interlocking sections with all the necessary in-built characteristics such as groves and screw retainers.

 Aluminium is all around
As you walk around your office, home or shop consider where aluminium extruded profiles have been used. There might be more than you thought.