How Aluminium has Transformed Offices

Modular Office Systems
Modular Office Systems

Have a look around your workplace and see how much aluminium you can find. It will be in furniture, partitions and fittings, as well as ceilings, floors, electronic goods and so the list goes on. It will have been used because it is stylish, adaptable and light whilst also durable and tough.

Aluminium is an obvious choice for designers of workplace furniture and fittings due to its unique properties. Its use in office applications has grown over many years thanks to its ductility, strength, durability, and lightness.

From the ingenious to the inspiring your office furniture has everything you’ll need to make your workspace work for you


Aluminium will, of course, take a high polish giving an elegant and attractive chrome like effect. Also for better wear resistance or improved aesthetics aluminium can be anodised. Other process effects include embossed, brushed, mirrored or perforated.

Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

A particular feature of aluminium that makes it so popular is its ability to be extruded into complex profiles and sections. This is a huge benefit for designers as they can include interlocking and screw retention features without the need for other parts, joining methods and avoiding unnecessary assembly costs.

Environmental and Cost Advantage

In the production, manufacturing and processing of aluminium, all production scrap can be recovered and recycled without degradation. So, with its low-cost recyclability, high rate of scrap recovery and the relative abundance of its ore, designers recognise that aluminium is a highly economical and environmentally sustainable material.

Modular Office systems

A popular use of aluminium extrusions is modular office systems that provide meetings spaces, office partitions or cubicles. With an array of modular components, extruded aluminium is a favourite amongst designers and buyers alike who find the structural capacities and flexibility to be a compelling choice. The system comprises extruded vertical and horizontal units that can be interlocked in a multitude of ways and finished with glass, fabric, specially designed panels or other accessories such as white boards.

Modular office or building systems can be used to transform all types of spaces and feature an extensive selection of flexible framing systems, interchangeable wall panels, and accessories.

Creating an attractive area or building from extruded aluminium provides a light, airy, relaxing and comfortable environment for your business or organisation.