ABL Components Supply Aluminium Extrusions for Automotive Applications

The demand for better fuel economy and therefore lighter vehicles, lower emissions, increased crash safety and even better vehicle dynamics is driving the demand for aluminium extrusions throughout the vehicle industry.

By using aluminium, vehicle manufacturers can achieve considerable weight savings.

Environmental benefits are also gained by the use of recycled aluminium in vehicle production and less fuel is used to manufacture and deliver the lighter weight vehicles.

Manufacturers such as ABL are able to repeatedly pautomotive applicationroduce high quality aluminium extrusion fabrications for automotive manufacturers by virtue of their one stop shop. They can accept a design and produce the component through the extrusion, machining, fabrication and finishing processes.

Modern alloys enable ABL to provide components with the best physical and mechanical properties. Therefore the extruded, fabricated component can be finished or produced to near final shape depending on client requirements.

They can help with development and design of prototypes and subsequently implement engineering solutions and manufacturing systems to produce a wide range of automotive component parts and structural assemblies, including joining, assembly and finishing techniques. To ensure repeatable component quality their quality management systems conform to BS EN 9001.

Therefore ABL Components are meeting the aluminium extrusion demands of today’s automotive manufacturers.

Whether it is supplying chassis systems, trims, steering columns or a whole range of automotive components, ABL has experience in offering solutions with high quality aluminium extrusions in a range of profiles.

Their experience in this sector aligned with the capabilities and equipment they have in-house make ABL the ideal partner for all your needs in the automotive market.

They have worked with many clients to provide tailored solutions to their requirements for aluminium extrusions in this sector.

Contact ABL today to learn more about how they can assist you in the automotive market.

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