ABL Create a Range of Applications from Aluminium Extrusions

Which Business Sector is Your Speciality?

Traditionally the building sector is the biggest consumer of aluminium extrusions, with sections for doors, windows, facades, glass roofs, awnings, flagpoles, ladders, interior/exterior decoration details and furniture.
Electronics business: Cooling profiles, heat sink / heatsinks, claddings and fronts.
Leisure sector: Football goal frames and other equipment for outdoor sports such as tennis, golf and boats.
Transport industry: Extrusions for lorries, buses, private cars, trains and ships.

In the transport industry the use of aluminium extrusions has increased as the demand for lighter vehicles with less energy consumption and smaller pollution loads grow.

Within all sectors there is an increasing demand for recycling. There is no other material as profitable to recycle as aluminium and this is becoming more and more important as aluminium extrusions are finding uses in many different markets.

The Advantages of the Metal
More and more constructors and designers appreciate the advantages of the extruding techniques – the ability to create precisely the shape that solves the problem, low tooling expenses, simple fabrication and appropriate surface treatment.
To this must be added the unique construction properties, which cannot be found in any other metal.
With aluminium ABL create, machine, fabricate and finish components at competitive prices.

ABL have the knowledge which is necessary to create your unique aluminium extrusion fabrications. If you need further information or advice please contact ABL on 0121 789 8686 or email sales@ablcomponents.co.uk .