Why Use Aluminium Extrusions for Solar Panel Applications?

Why Use Aluminium Extrusions for Solar Panel Applications?solar panels

The solar energy industry is utilising strong and light-weight aluminium extrusions for the frames, rails and supports that ensure precision positioning and stability of their solar panel products.

The improved stability required to locate and position solar panels has come through innovations in aluminium extrusion technology. The panel power output can be affected by positional shifts of only a few degrees which results in reduced efficiency.

Aluminium Extrusions are widely used in photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems and frames, with innovative designs continuing to provide enhanced performance and reduced costs over earlier designs and certainly versus other materials, such as steel.

When properly designed extruded aluminium solutions provide long-term exceptional performance in a cost-effective manner in the most demanding environments.

The extruded systems yield exceptional performance, the lowest “total installed cost” (material acquisition, extrusion, fabrication, transportation, subassembly and final field assembly) and an end-of-life value three times that of comparable steel systems.

ABL Aluminium Components One Stop Shop

Working with ABL’s one-stop-shop provides cost-saving opportunities including dealing with a single supply source, experienced design advice, lead time, purchased items, packing, quality, engineering assistance, logistics and delivery direct to customer.

ABL’s capabilities, which are all based under one roof, allow companies to benefit from single fabrication stops, shorter lead times, reduced supply chain, reduced shipping costs and a single point of quality control avoiding the scenario where different sub-contractors disagree about where any defects have been caused or where any parts have been lost.

ABL’s one stop shop ensures a consistent and reliable source that delivers high quality, on-time extruded components and assemblies for solar panels.

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